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chanyeol bts cuts in lotte pepero cf

why so down :c


when you see a hot guy wearing sweatpants



when sehun made baekhyun eat the pepero

evidently nervous before bungee jumping ( ;´Д`)
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"what special feature does yura have that the other members dont?" "boobs” 


Because it’s an Oh Sehun world, bitch. [x]

bangtan hyung line & their hearts of gold


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You’re sitting on your bed, enjoying the wet weather by listening to music and reading your favourite book, or drawing. You put your Ipod on shuffle, and then the familiar chanting comes on. “Careless, careless, shoot anonymous..”. Normally, you’d skip this song, and put on Angel, or Black Pearl. But today, you stop yourself. Today, you sit down and remember everything. What that song once meant to you, what it introduced to you, and how it changed your life. You’ve seen these 12 beautiful boys grow into wolves, and you’ll still watch them grow. It all started with MAMA, don’t ever forget that. Listen to it, once in a while. Remember it.


i cant believe chanyeol was daftpunk the entire time


Kai - 141019 K-pop World Festival 2014 in Changwon

Credit: Mild Affection. (2014 창원 케이팝 월드페스티벌)